Tourism Revival Initiative with ONDILI

Kalahari hike

The period of touristic stand-still  also was a time of development: At Desert Homestead Lodge, the rooms have been renovated and refurnished so that they are not only larger but also have a completely new style and appearance. Desert Homestead Outpost is currently under construction, rooms are being enlarged and redesigned, the pool area is being extended and a second pool is being built. Construction is also underway at Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp and Etosha Oberland Lodge. For the high season 2021 there will be 12 additional tents each.

Namibia launches the ‘Tourism Revival Initiative’ and ONDILI is part of it.


Airlines are flying to Namibia again, European tourists are welcome, but certain standards have to be met in the country. We will implement the requirements for hygiene and safety, as formulated by the NTB according to the rules of the WHO, everywhere in the lodges and can therefore offer our guests a protected and hygienic environment in the lodge. Our travel ideas, which we have adapted to the current requirements, show different possibilities to stay (almost) exclusively in the ONDILI-lodges during a round trip through Namibia. Attached for inspiration are the various suggestions, which can of course be varied. Booking an itinerary with more than 3 or more than 5 ONDILI-lodges will allow an extra discount of 5%.

All NTB-registered lodges can welcome guests again, and Hohenstein Lodge has already received additional certification, thus recognising the implementation of the special hygiene guidelines. The other lodges are awaiting the visit of the regional health directors and will be certified soon. The COVID19 test, scheduled for day 5 of the stay, can be taken at a recognised test station in the country. ONDILI also has the possibility to have a nurse perform the test directly at the lodge. The tests are then sent to the laboratory by courier on the same day and the result is given by telephone on the 7th day of the stay.

Even in the unlikely event that a result is positive, the person concerned can be accommodated in an ONDILI lodge. The Hohenstein Lodge has also been recognised as an isolation ward for tourists, and individual areas of the lodge could be partitioned off for this purpose.