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“Etosha” roughly means “big white place” in the language spoken by the Ovambo – the largest population group in Namibia. The area of the Etosha Pan is a salt-clay plain and has a white and greenish surface to it. It is part of the Etosha National Park, which is the most visited excursion destination in Namibia besides Sossusvlei. About 200,000 visitors from all over the world come to this place every year to get a glimpse of Namibian wildlife on safari tours. The national park offers an impressive diversity of species that characterise the landscape of Etosha, from mopane tree and grass fields to thorny bushes and desert shrubs. More than 100 different mammals, as many reptile species and around 340 bird species converge here – including lions, giraffes, elephants and rhinos. In years with particularly high rainfall, natural waterholes form in the peripheral areas of the Etosha Pan, attracting thousands of water birds, including flamingos.

Our Etosha Oberland Lodge is located a little south of the border of the Etosha National Park, in the northwest of Namibia. From here our guests can watch the sunsets over this picturesque landscape and set off on popular activities, such as game drives and guided nature walks.

Here you have the chance to meet every animal that a traveller to Africa could hope to see and get a glimpse of the infinite vastness of these plains. You will discover an environment that offers little more than sand, salt and sunshine and yet is home to a fascinatingly diverse animal and plant world.

Through this immediate proximity to Namibian nature, the wilderness of Africa becomes tangible and palpable in the Etosha region. 



ETOSHA – Oberland Lodge

Luxurious lodge in a nature reserve that borders directly on Etosha Park. Only 7 km to Andersson Gate (southern park entrance).
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The Etosha Oberland Lodge, at the southern entrance of Etosha National Park, combines luxury with a lot of privacy. Like in an english garden nestles the main house with restaurant, pool, bar and a cozy lounge with fire place. The garden invites to tea time. In the evening a 4-course menu is served. Large mopane trees are home to many private places that have a fantastic view of the wide grassy plain and to the water hole. Guests will observe numerous wildlife with a sundowner on the restaurant terrace after eventful days in the Ethosa National Park.


In one of the most impressive landscapes of Namibia

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