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The Kalahari is a savannah that stretches from the north of South Africa over Namibia and Botswana. Here, golden dune grasses on red sand meet a vegetation of thorn bushes, desert shrubs and tall acacias. The red sand, draped by the wind to form a sea of dune waves, and blue skies stretching far across the flat landscape characterise the special aesthetics of this region.
Rainfall brings the dry landscape to life. That’s when you hear talk of the “Green Kalahari”.

The sand savannah is home to numerous animal species, including the oryx antelope, impala, jackal and cheetah, as well as the indigenous San people, who today have their main settlement area here. Thus, the Kalahari is a place where both the nature and culture of Namibia is visible and tangible.

Ondili allows guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of this living desert. On hikes, safaris and excursions into the wild we give our Africa travellers an impression of the endless expanses of the Kalahari Desert. Overnight stays in the middle of this savannah, surrounded by dunes up to 30 metres high and an array of fascinating animals, we offer our guests deep insights into the cultural and natural heritage of this landscape.
This closeness to nature and the intense awareness of it make a stay in the Kalahari a visual and emotional experience – a desert adventure in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Our Lodges


Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

Luxurious lodge in the red dunes of the Kalahari with lots of privacy
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Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge, offers ample space and lots of privacy. The main house including reception, lobby area, restaurant and bar as well as swimming pool with sun deck is located in a dry lake, a so-called „Vlei“. A 120m-boardwalk connects the main house with the guest houses sitting around the „Vlei“ where animals can be spotted.


Small lodge on the westernmost dune ridge of the Kalahari with panoramic views. Optimal stop-over on the north-south axis.
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The tent houses of Teufelskrallen Lodge are located on the first
western Kalahari dune and offer its guests a panoramic view over the endless vastness and the sprawling Kalahari dunes. 


In one of the most impressive landscapes of Namibia

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