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Damaraland is an area in the northwest of Namibia that belongs to the regions Kunene and Erongo. It is the main settlement area of the Damara tribe.

North of Damaraland is the Kaokoveld area and the Etosha National Park. And the Brandberg massif, where the 2.606-metre-high Königstein – the highest mountain in Namibia – is situated, rises in the south.

On the western side, the Damaraland borders on the Skeleton Coast. These beach areas have a very special aesthetic since they are covered with numerous shipwrecks. In combination with the dense wafts of mist rising from the Atlantic Ocean, they give this place a melancholy atmosphere of fascinating beauty.

But you can not only discover interesting landscapes in the close proximity of Damaraland. Also the area itself offers numerous places that are worth visiting.

Including the valley of Twyfelfontein, where travellers can see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of over 2000 rock engravings and drawings. These graphic representations are thousands of years old and allow a glimpse into the country’s past.

Furthermore, the Petrified Forest can be found in the Damaraland.
These trees, that came to this place as driftwood, petrified over time. Their age is estimated at 250-300 million years.

Another stone highlight of the region are the so-called Organ Pipes. These basalt columns have formed prismatic structures. The formation of differently sized columns reminds of the pipes of an organ. They are located in a small valley near the “Burnt Mountain”.

The Burnt Mountain, which consists of a strangely modified lava rock, is also a very important sight in the Damaraland region. This also applies to the Brandberg Massif with its “White Lady” and other rock paintings as well as to the Damara Living Museum.

All of these attractions make the Damaraland a place that offers fascinating insights into the people, cultural heritage, pulse and soul of Namibia. 

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Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp

Tent camp in the best location for the tourist highlights – rock paintings of Twyfelfontein, petrified forest and organ pipes.
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Nestled in rolling boulders of a granite outcrop, Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp is conveniently situated a ten minutes drive from Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, within walking distance of the Damara Living Museum and within the Huab River Valley. A visit in the neighbouring Damara Living Museum can be done in own arrangement, it offers a fascinating look into the people, heritage, pulse and soul of Damaraland.


In one of the most impressive landscapes of Namibia