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Erongo is one of Namibia’s 14 regions. This is where the Erongo Mountains are located, making it one of the most impressive areas in the country. Mountains of volcanic origin over 2000 metres high and rivers that carry water all year round characterise this landscape and offer breath-taking panoramic views.

Steep, almost vertical outer walls line the valleys. In some places, surreal rock castles tower up on large areas as if they were man-made, carefully balanced cairns. Equally spectacular is the so-called “Boulder Forest” with its huge granite rocks and lush vegetation. Here travellers to Africa can get an authentic insight into the work of the “small miners”, for these mineral minors climb the cliffs to search – often in vain – for valuable minerals, stones and rock crystals.

But it is not only the mountain landscapes that make the Erongo region an extraordinary natural experience. Dry savannahs are also found here. After the summer rains, they come to life and reveal the species-rich vegetation of this landscape.

In addition to this, Erongo, which is part of the Damaraland area, is home to numerous animal species – including rhinos, antelopes, baboons, giraffes, various wild cats and now also an increasing number of elephants. In the rich bird world of the Erongo, the go-away bird, which is said to cry “Go away”, is particularly noticeable.

To help our guests at Hohenstein Lodge – at the foot of the highest mountain in the Erongo massif – immerse themselves even more during their stay in the fascinating nature of the Erongo, Ondili offers a number of activities, including game and bird watching, extended hikes and mountain bike tours.

Activities like these allow our guests to immerse themselves in the spectacular dimensions and unspoilt nature of this impressive landscape. 

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Hohenstein lodge

Well located lodge for excursions to the Erongo Mountains, Spitzkoppe and Bulls Party.
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Hohenstein Lodge is located on the bottom of the highest peak of the Erongo mountains. In the evening, spectacular sunsets bathe the mountain in fantastic red light. The view over the vast landscape extends as far as the Spitzkoppe peak, protruding as a prominent relief from the plain. The lodge is the perfect starting point for exciting outings at the Hohenstein and for day-trips to the Spitzkoppe or the neighbouring Ameib farm.


In one of the most impressive landscapes of Namibia