How it all started

Looking back over the past years


2017 | Touch and Stay – a flight safari to the lodges of Ondili Lodges & Activities Namibia

The film shows the aeronautical challenges the hobby pilots have to face when they fly in a country with the climatic conditions of Namibia and the endless landscape below them. Pictures that want to explore the beautiful Namibia from the bird’s perspective and give pure movie pleasure. 2017 ONDILI lodges & activities have won the 1st price at the coveted international tourism award at multimedia competition „Das goldene Stadttor”.

2016 | Smallminer in Namibia – A documentary about the Hohenstein

A documentary about the life and the work at the Hohenstein in the Erongo region in Namibia.

2015 | Desert Homestead Outpost

2013 | Etemba Wilderness Camp

2010 | Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge