Trans Kalahari Walk

Guided full day hike through the Kalahari with 2 over-nights.

Hiking and spending the night in the vastness of the African savannah offers the most intense nature experience. The red sand dunes and the grass and tree planes of the Kalahari will captivate every traveller. Feel the hot desert wind on your skin. Watch antelope herds in the vast veld or spot giraffes feeding among the trees. Experience the sunset. Enjoy an African Braai at the campfire on a dune before listening to the sounds of the night, either in a tent or even outside under the starry sky. In the morning, shortly before sunrise, grab a hot cup of coffee and watch gnus and zebras on the water hole before experiencing that magic moment when the sun comes up in glittering gold just behind the dunes. All of a sudden, the temperature turns comfortably warm, the night is over, a new day has begun. Africa. The Trans-Kalahari Walk perfectly combines a comfortable stay at the lodge with exhausting but rewarding physical activities and camp-fire romanticism in the Kalahari dunes.

Day 1

Arrival after 14h – The afternoon will be spent in the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. Reception by the guide and detailed information about the start time, seasonally. Possible activities: animal watching at the water hole close by, relaxing at the swimming pool or a short walk. Dinner and overnight stay at the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge.

Day 2

Whole-day hike with lunch picnic – an early start offers the possibility to watch the sun rise while enjoying a cup of coffee on top of a dune. The hike leads through the red Kalahari dunes typical for the area, alternating with tree savannah. In the afternoon arrival at the cosy but luxurious dune camp with view deck and swimming pool, tents with private bathroom and hot shower and shading lapa, all on top of a dune. This is where the braai will be served and the night will be spent.

Day 3

Shortly after sunrise, the day begins with breakfast on the terrace of the camp, where antelopes and giraffes eventually can be seen at the water hole. The hike (duration 1 – 1.5 hours) leads back to Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. After breakfast, the hike goes on through open grass and bush savannah where the sighting of nyalas or impalas is highly likely. After about 2 hours, around noon, return at the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge.


Alternatively with another overnight stay in Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. After a light lunch, the afternoon may be spent ad libitum, possibility to take part in a game drive in the Land Rover to comfortably experience the explored scenery and to possibly spot animals not seen before. Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.

Visit the lodge website for further informations:

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