Namib Mountain Trail

Guided hike between lodges in the Sossusvlei region combined with two overnight stays at Desert Homestead Lodge / Desert Homestead Outpost

Before sunrise, the hike will start after an early bird breakfast. The first leg consists of crossing the local landmark mountain. We will follow a canyon to the mountain saddle. Light climbing will be necessary here. After one to one and a half hours, the saddle will be reached just as the sun comes up. Enjoy a first rest while watching the sun rise over the red Namib dunes covering the horizon.

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On the other side of the saddle, the trail follows a dry river course. Sand-filled wash-outs and smoothened granite rocks bear witness of the amounts of water that must have plunged down here during the rainy season for millions of years shaping this impressive landscape. The vast savannah at the bottom offers some grass for feeding oryxes and springboks, zebras and ostriches. With lots of luck, cheetahs or even a leopard may be spotted. We will follow a tributary of the Tsauchab river with camel thorn trees scattered on its banks. This is where wild animals enjoy the shade for cooling down in the heat of the midday sun. After approx. 2 hours, we reach the bottom of the next mountain.

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We will rest on an elevation on the bottom of the mountain in the red hot Namib sand stirred up from the dunes. By then, the midday heat has come, and the road travelled will shimmer in the sun. The panorama of the surrounding mountains and the colors of the sand dunes piled up on the horizon are simply thrilling. Our trail snakes up an old path used by mountain zebras leading up to the ridge. Up there, the view is magnificent. With a little luck, mountain zebras may even be spotted.

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We will follow a mountain trail to a canyon. After the descent, the Desert Homestead Outpost will be reached where warm cordiality and cool refreshments are waiting for us. We should arrive at the lodge about noon.

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You can occupy your room and spend the afternoon with all amenities the lodge has to offer. It is part of the service for us to transport the car with luggage from the Desert Homestead Lodge to the Outpost so that you will find your luggage in your room.
Alternatively, you may choose to be transferred back to the Desert Homestead Lodge to spend the night there.

Services included:
Guided hike, water and breakfast during the hike, small lunch after arriving at Desert Homestead Outpost. Min. number of participants 2, max. 8 people. Transfer of car with luggage for overnight stay at Desert Homestead Outpost Alternative Transfer of car and return trip for spending the night at Desert Homestead Lodge

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