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Our trips through Namibia are the perfect introduction for all travellers who want to venture out an African adventure for the first time. The tours are carefully planned and include a well thought-out program for the different needs of our guests. This will save you the trouble of having to organise everything yourself and you can enjoy your holiday stress-free. Guided by local guides with an extensive knowledge of Namibian culture and nature, you can experience and get to know the country intensively in a very short time.

The tours lead from lodge to lodge and include numerous activities. Thus you can dive deeply into the original landscapes of Namibia during hikes of several days through the African savannahs, through salt deserts and red dunes. Safaris with wildlife watching, sunset drives, luxurious lodges and romantic overnight stays in the desert provide relaxing moments between sporting activities such as mountain biking in the mountains, horseback riding or trekking tours through rocky landscapes.

Our guests can choose between three different offers. The trip “Pure 7” offers the maximum African experience in the shortest time. With “Active 14”, adventurers can turn their tour into a unique experience with a variety of exciting activities. And with “Namibia Fly In” you get a comfortable journey to impressive destinations using our aircraft shuttles.

So set off on your own personal adventure in Namibia! 

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