Horse Trails

Horse trails – Horse safaris lasting several days
Experience the Namib Desert area on horseback
For the more adventurous of spirit, Desert Homestead Lodge off ers a unique experience where guests can ride out onto our private reserve and sleep out in nature. The reserve is situated in between the majestic red sand see of the Namib Desert and the rugged Naukluft mountains.
After meeting your guide, you will be introduced to your horse to see that you will both be comfortable with one another for the next day or longer.
Leaving the stables and lodge behind, you will set off on an unforgettable journey through wide open plains riding over a varied terrain changing from soft, sandy, stretched open fields, to rockier mountain trails, through dry riverbeds, under Sociable Weavers nests and around Camel thorn trees. Your experienced guide will eagerly tell you more about the environment, fauna and flora. You are almost guaranteed to come across a herd or two of grazing Oryx, springbok, or Zebra and some varieties of smaller carnivores, such as Jackal and Bat-eared foxes.
Riding takes place at a comfortable pace so that everyone is comfortable. Slower riders can hang back while more experienced riders go for long stretched out gallops over grassy plains while winding your way toward a viewpoint, where refreshments await for a truly remarkable sundowner. After watching the sunset over the majestic mountains you will be taken to your prior set up tented camp where it’s time to kick off your boots, relax and enjoy the Namibian night skies. While we get dinner ready on the bushfi re true Namibian style a refreshing shower awaits.
Dinner is served next to the crackling fire whilst conversation is sure to revert to the days riding. Then it’s time to retire to your comfortable tent or even a stretcher outside, should you prefer to sleep out in nature under starry skies to get some rest before the next day’s riding.
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Wake up the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon and eggs cooking over an open fire while watching the horses being prepared for the next
stretch of riding. After a hearty breakfast, it is time to stretch the legs once again and set off on your trusty partner who eagerly awaits the rest of the adventure.
This experience can be tailored, spending either one, two or three nights out, riding to the next destination is done during the cooler time of day, while enjoying some lunch and down time during the heat of the day.
Horses vary from very tame and easy to ride – even if you have never ridden before-, to ones that are just as easily manageable, but willing and able to give a more exiting ride.
Beginners are just as welcome to join on this adventure as more experienced riders.
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